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URL Actions

URL Actions will run against an agent and open a configured URL in a new browser tab or window. This allows for integrations with various remote viewing softwares.

Adding URL Actions

In the dashboard, browse to Settings > Global Settings > URL Actions. The available options are:

  • Name - This identifies the URL Action in other parts of the dashboard
  • Description - Optional description for the URL Action
  • Pattern - This is the actual URL pattern that will open in the new browser tab/window. This field supports variables from the Global Keystore and Script Variables.

URL Pattern Example


Variable names are case sensitive!{{global.API_KEY}}&agent_id={{agent.Remote ID}}

The above example uses a value defined in the global keystore named API_KEY and an Agent custom field called remote id. The URLs are properly encoded to work with any special characters or spaces returned in the values.

Running URL Actions

In the agent table, right-click on the Agent and select Run URL Action and select the action to run