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Reporting Templates

Template Names

Templates should be named in such a way it is clear and concise for others to know what the template does.


Before you begin, ensure you are:

  • Familiar with the report data available in Tactical RMM. Read more about reporting here.
  • Up and running with Tactical RMM, for testing purposes (you can safely use your live environment).
  • Creating a new/unique Report Template, existing templates are available here.

Once your template is ready:

  1. Fork the Tactical RMM template repository on GitHub.
  2. Export your template from Tactical RMM Reporting manager by right clicking and clicking export.
  3. Create a new template in the templates folder and copy and paste in code or upload exported template.
  4. Create a pull request with a brief description of your template and why it's useful.
  5. The Tactical RMM team will review your submission and test it, provide tests pass etc your PR will be accepted, if theres issues feedback will be provided in the comments section of the PR.

Thank you for contributing to Tactical RMM and helping enhance the reporting capabilities for all users!