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Backing up the RMM


This is only applicable for the standard install, not Docker installs.

A backup script is provided for quick and easy way to backup all settings/data into one file to migrate to another server.


The backup script does not self update itself. Always make sure you have latest version from the master branch by verifying the SCRIPT_VERSION at the top of the file matches.

Download and run the backup script:

wget -N
chmod +x

The backup tar file will be saved in /rmmbackups with the following format:


Schedule to run Daily via Cron

To schedule automated daily backups run the script with the --schedule flag

./ --schedule
This will do the following:

  • Create daily, weekly and monthly folders under /rmmbackup.

  • Schedule backups using cron to run at midnight every night.

  • As well as Daily backups, there are monthly backups on the 10th day of every month and weekly backups every Friday.

  • Automated pruning of backup files, daily kept for 2 weeks, weekly for 2 months and monthly for 1 year. To calculate estimated disk needs, take the size of a manual backup and * 37. eg 600MB backup * 37 = 22.2GB of space needed.

    Calculate Backup Size (in GB): * GB = Total Space needed GB


The backup script will just save to your server drive, you ideally want to automate moving this to another server. Please ensure you have space for the backups to be stored.

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