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Contributing Using VS Code

Getting Started

Install VS Code

Fork Project in Github

This is making a duplicate of the code under your Github that you can edit.


Add your (forked) repo to VS Code

  1. Clone repository.

  2. Login to your Github.

  3. Choose local folder.

Install extra VS Code Extensions

  • GitLens

  • Remote - SSH

Open Terminal


Configure a remote for your fork (in VS Code)

Configure your local fork and tell it where the original code repo is so you can compare and merge updates later when official repo is updated.

Check repos:

git remote -v

Add upstream repo:

git remote add upstream

Confirm changes:

git remote -v

Contribute code

  1. Make changes to something.

  2. Commit (update something) and notate what you did.

  3. Push (from your local VS Code to your github fork).

  4. Open your browser and look at your repo (It should reflect your commit).

Request your changes to be pulled into the primary repo (Pull Request)

Changes you've made need integration with master repo

In your browser, create a pull request.

Sync your local fork

Bring changes from original repo to your local VS Code copy so you're current with changes made in original Github repo:

Sync Fork

In VS Code open TERMINAL:


Tell git to pull from the GitHub upstream repo all new changes into your local directory:

git pull --rebase upstream develop

Push your local updated copy to your Github fork

Then you're pushing that updated local repo to your online Github fork:

Sync push/pulls

Verify and Repeat

Check your Github fork in browser, it should be up to date now with original. Repeat 6 or 7 as necessary.


Customizing the Admin Web Interface

Created using Quasar, it's all your .vue files in web/src/components/modals/agents/RunScript.vue.

Learn stuff here: