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It is currently not possible to restore to a different domain/subdomain, only to a different physical or virtual server.

If the purpose of your restore is to migrate your instance from one machine to another, then it is recommended to leave both the old and new instances up and running until all your agents have successfully migrated to the new instance. You can use the old instance to forcefully migrate stubborn agents that are still attached to it (see instructions below).


The restore script will always restore to the latest available RMM version on github.

Make sure you update your old RMM to the latest version using the script and then run a fresh backup to use with this restore script.

Setup the new server

Follow the same instructions as a fresh install but stop once you reach the 'Run the install script' section (you'll be using the restore script instead of install).

Change DNS A records

Open the DNS manager of wherever your domain is hosted.

Update the 3 A records rmm, api and mesh and point them to the public IP of your new server.

Run the restore script

Switch to the tactical user:

su - tactical

Copy the backup tarball you created during backup to the new server.

Download the restore script:

wget -N
chmod +x

Call the restore script, passing it the backup tarball as the first argument:

./ rmm-backup-XXXXXXXXX.tar

Once the restore has completed, log into your OLD instance and from the Web UI do Tools > Recover All Agents.


You will most probably have to add entries to your host file (on the machine you're trying to access the web UI from) for your subdomains to access the old instance, since you'll already have updated DNS to point to the new server.

What this will do is restart both the tacticalagent and meshagent services on any stubborn agents that are still connected to the old instance, which should be enough to get them connected to the new instance.