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AnyDesk Integration


You can set up a full automation policy to collect the machine GUID, but this example will collect from just one agent for testing purposes.

Create Custom Field

From the UI go to Settings > Global Settings > CUSTOM FIELDS > Agents.

Add Custom Field:
Target = Agent
Name = AnyNetID
Field Type = Text

Service Name

Create URL Action

While in Global Settings go to URL ACTIONS.

Add a URL Action:
Name = AnyDesk Control
Description = Connect to a AnyDesk Session
URL Pattern =


Create AnyDesk Collector

This populates the Custom field with the Anydesk ID.

Navigate to an agent with AnyDesk running (or apply using Settings > Automation Manager).
Go to Tasks.
Add Task:
Select Script = AnyDesk - Get AnyNetID for client (this is a builtin script from script library)
Descriptive name of task = Collects the AnyNetID for AnyDesk.
Collector Task = CHECKED
Custom Field to update = AnyNetID

Service Name

Click Next
Check One Time, choose a time in the past so it'll run once on the agent.
Click Add Task

Right click on the newly created task and click Run Task Now.

Give it a second to execute, then right click the agent that you are working with and go to Run URL Action > AnyDesk Control.

It should launch the session in AnyDesk.


You have to have AnyDesk installed on the local computer.