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User Roles and Permissions

Permission Manager

Make sure you've setup at least 1 valid (Super User aka Administrator) role under Settings > Permission Manager

  1. Login as usual Tactical user
  2. Go to Settings - Permissions Manager
  3. Click New Role
  4. You can all the role anything, I called it Admins
  5. Tick the Super User Box/or relevant permissions required
  6. Click Save then exit Permissions Manager
  7. Go to Settings - Users
  8. Open current logged in user/or any other user and assign role (created above step 6) in the Role drop down box.
  9. Click Save

Once you've set that up a Super User role and assigned your primary user, you can create other Roles with more limited access.


If you are only trying to give permissions to one or more sites within a client, but not all of the sites, then leave the "Allowed Clients" field blank and only add sites to "Allowed Sites". If a client is set in "Allowed Clients" that will override any site perms and give access to all sites within that client, regardless of what sites are set.


Currently MeshCentral and it's integration allows techs to bypass these permissions, and get full access to systems. Read more here

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