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Community Support

Free Support: Available through Discord and Github tickets.

We help people get started with Tactical RMM using supported methods as documented here in the public documentation.

We may give pointers, or provide additional troubleshooting steps if we believe your issue may be related to a recent update or bug.

Commercial Support

Paid Support: You can visit to open a ticket.

We can help with lots of problems including many #unsupported installations and configurations (fully managed hosted servers are also available).

You get Priority #1 fast responses and service.

If you are reading this because this link was shared with you, it has been determined that your installation has fallen under the #Unsupported category. Probably because you are using something from Unsupported

We will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting and (probably) fixing your problem if you contact Commercial Support.

Public RSA Keys

Steps to provide the developers SSH access to your server for troubleshooting:

  1. SSH into your server as the linux user you used to install tacticalrmm (tactical if you followed the install guide).

  2. Add our public key:

    mkdir -p ~/.ssh
    echo 'ssh-rsa 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 support@amidaware' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

  3. Ensure the tactical linux user has passwordless sudo:

    sudo visudo
    Add the following line to the end of the file which will be opened by running the above command, then save and exit the file.
    tactical   ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL