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Contributing Using Web Browser

Getting Started

Fork project in Github

This is making a duplicate of the code under your Github that you can edit


Make edits

Make some changes



Request your changes to be pulled into the primary repo (Pull Request)

Changes you've made need integration with master repo

This is taking your changes and requesting they be integrated into the Tactical RMM develop branch.

Check the status of your PR

Look at a summary of the changes you've requested, monitor for them to be accepted, or commented on.

Once they're accepted you can either: * Delete your fork * Sync your local fork

Sync your fork

Bring changes from original repo to your fork so you're current with changes made in original Github repo:

Sync Fork

fetch and merge

...or Official Github Docs

Lather, rinse, repeat

Go to Step 2. and contribute some more.


After your changes are accepted, they won't be live in Tactical RMM until there is a new release. #BePatient