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Create Run URL Action to Computer support page

This will create a URL link that will take you to the support page for a computer based on the computers Serial Number

  1. Goto Settings | Global Settings | Custom Fields

    Under Agents tab Add Custom Field (CaSe SeNsItIve)

    Custom Field

  2. Create Task (best to use Settings | Automation Manager if you want to apply it to all computers). Add script that has an output of the data you want.

    Collector Script

  3. Create URL Action (under Settings | Global Settings | URL ACTIONS) for Manufacturer websites

    URL Actions

Dell Support Page{{agent.SerialNumber}}/overview

Lenovo Support Page{{agent.SerialNumber}}

HP Support Page

It gives an errors because the product model doesn't match the serial number. If you figure out a better link please let us know! :){{agent.SerialNumber}}

Setup LAPS - Local Administrator Password Solution

Optional: Create a Global Key to have a custom admin username

Create a custom field for storing the password

Create Task (can use Automation Policy)

Run however often you'd like admin password reset

When you need the LAPS password, get from Agent Custom Fields