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Unsupported Guidelines

General Information

Tactical RMM is designed to be secure by default.

You CAN expose it to the internet, and start deploying agents.

You CAN not expose it to the internet, and start deploying agents.



BIG PERIOD **.** <--- See, it's really really big 🙂

That being said...

There are those that wish to add layers to their security onion. For the benefit of others following in their footsteps, we have added here for your convenience additional information on a range of subjects and technologies that have been graciously donated to us by the community at large.

Please be aware that those providing help and assistance in the Discord #support channel will generally assume that you are not one of these wizards of networking magic.

Should you employ any one or several of these unsupported technologies:

  • Proxies (TRMM ships with a production ready Nginx reverse proxy)
  • GeoIP filters
  • fail2ban filters
  • IDSs
  • IPSs
  • SDNs
  • Did anything other than follow the installation instructions exactly
  • Any / all other magical ABC thru XYZ technologies

Please let us know BEFORE we start troubleshooting and looking for software bugs that you are... in fact... a 🧙... and using something non-standard. 😉

These are "unsupported" because then we are troubleshooting your environment, not Tactical RMM. You need to have knowledge about how things work if you're going to stray from the easy path of the standard install.

Help us maximize keeping developer time and resources focused on new releases... not supporting goosechases.

Thank you, and #KeepDeploying